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Training your dog with positive reinforcement will help build and maintain a strong bond between you and your furry friend. With positive reinforcement, you will help set your dog up for success and a happy life. Servicing: Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Aurora, King City Oak Ridges and surrounding areas.



                                                              Training Packages


All Training Packages Include the Following:



               4-6 visits per session depending on package and needs


             Weekly or bi-weekly sessions unless otherwise needed


             Hour-long visit


             One on One private in-home instruction


             Unlimited Phone and Email support throughout training sessions 


             Packages can be tailored to family's needs or regular training schedules 


             Continued Phone and Email support after sessions are over


              Travel Costs may apply if out of my general area


              Access to training videos included for visual cue

              Homework Sheets given at the end of every session



Pre-Puppy Consultation (starting at $150.00 per 1 -hour session)


The pre-puppy package will cover everything you need to know about raising a well behaved, happy puppy. We will cover topics such as; house training, chewing, biting, socialization and more. The consultation will be in a Q&A format where you will be able to ask all the questions needed to make sure you are prepared to bring your puppy home or have already brought home. 


Puppy Basics Training  (starting at $350.00)4 sessions 


Between the ages of 2.5 -4 months is a very crucial stage in a puppy's development. It is the time when they need to be exposed to the outside world and be socialized. This is the age where imprinting takes place and everything they are exposed to remains with them. During these four 1 -hour sessions, you will learn useful cues for your dog such as; sit, down, stand, walking nicely on the leash and more. We will also go over puppy behaviours that you want to curb during this period.  


Beginner Training (starting at 375.00) If Puppy Basics has been completed then the price will change


At this stage, you have decided that your puppy needs and/or wants more. By continuing on with beginner training for your pup, you are enabling your dog to learn more, listen better, and further strengthen your bond. During the beginner training, we will be reinforcing previously learned cues as well as teaching new ones such as: leave it, off, door greetings, stay and More. 



Intermediate Training (starting at $400.00)


Advancing your dog's learning can benefit both you and your dog in so many ways. In this advanced program, you will expand and strengthen everything you have already learned forming a well-rounded dog. We will be covering distance commands as well as distraction training.



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